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March 2015 Antiques & Collectables including Traditional Sports and Pastimes at 10.30am Sale

G.H.SIMPSON-HAYWARD Born Kenilworth, Warwickshire 7th June 1875 - died October 2nd 1936. One of the last underarm bowlers in First Class Cricket (MCC). Educated Malvern and Cambridge. Eminent Entomologist, his collection purchased from Malvern College in 1995 by Mr. John.R.Cave of Ludlow A definitive collection of six specimens of the extinct Large Blue Butterfly (M.arion) Cotswold Race. Captured by G.H. Simpson Hayward Ex.Coll. David L. Keningale, catalogued 2015 Male - Icomb, Glos. June 1922, G.H.S. Hayward Female - Icomb, Glos. June 1921, G.H.S. Hayward Male - Hilcot, Glos., G.H. Simpson Hayward Female - Hilcot, Glos., G.H.S. Hayward Male - Painswick,, G.H. Simpson Hayward Female - Granham, Glos., G.H.S. Hayward Displayed in glass topped display box, together with illustrated catalogue David L.Keningale Wildlife Licence Taxidermy Sales, ref. CL07/2015/0003

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