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Sold for £1200
October 2012 Antiques & Collectables at 11am Sale

A PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM WITH EXTENSIVE SIGNED PHOTOGRAPHS OR AUTOGRAPHS OF ACTORS AND ACTRESSES to include Laurel & Hardy, Margaret Lockwood, Laurence Olivier, Margaret Rutherford, Rosen A John, Evelyn Dall, Patricia Roc, Flora Robson, JCM, Danny Kay (printed signature), Janette ***, Barbara *** Robert Taylor, Margot Fonteyn, **** Helphan, Budd Flanagan, Eric Portman, Basil ****, Henry Kendall, Ivor Novello, Jessie O'Shea, Vesta Tilley, Linda Gray, Fred Jackson, Tarry Bally, Mary Martin, Berto Pasuka, John Boles, Dolores Fray, Bobby Henry, Andrew Sisters, Yvonne Armaud, Sid Field, Ruth ***, Lana Turner (printed signature), Maria Mo** (printed signature), Shirley Temple (printed signature), Wendy O'Tilly, Vivien ***, Ralph, Alan Judd, Hazel Court, Sybil Thorndike, John Hargreaves, Janel Hamilton, Herione Buddeley (additional images available)

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