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Lot 162

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A COLLECTION OF SELECTED SPECIALIST BUTTERFLIES. Ex. Coll. D.L. Keningale to include; SWALLOW-TAIL (papilio machaon), ab. bonovittatus on hind wings, the topmost yellow marginal spot absent filled-in black. Series of THE WOODLAND BROWN (Lopinga achine) FRANCE, Hte.MARNE, DUNE 2001, D.L. Keningale. Fine Series of THE MARBLE FRITILLARY (B. daphne). High Brown Fritillary (F. adippe) Female underside, var. major. Niobe Fritillary, MALE, UPPER. Lesser MARBLED FRITILLARY (Brenthis ino). HEATH FRITILLARY, VIOLET FRITILLARY, SHORT-TAILED BLUE, Female upperside, THE MARBLED WHITE (M.galathea) ab.leucomelas. PALE CLOUDED YELLOW (C.hyale) MALE & FEMALE UPPERSIDE. 7 specimens showing aberrant forms, WILD CAPTURE. Specimens in fine condition, full dataand labelled, displayed in glazed entomological case

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