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Sold for £90
November 2017 ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES TOYS & PASTIMES at 10.30am Sale

CORGI CLASSIC DIE-CAST COMMERCIAL VEHICLES BREWERY SERIES including 97931 AEC Flatbed Greenall Whitley, 97372 Atkinson cylindrical tanker Mackeson, 97370 AEC 4-wheel Flatbed with Federation Brewery, 20901 AEC Chains and Barrel set Truemans, 23201 Bedford TK 4 Wheel Platform lorry with barrels Guinness, 27901 Atkinson articulated tanker Baux Breweries Ltd, 97334 Atkinson 8-wheel Rigid with crates Lucozade, 27701 Seddon Atkinson horse transporter set Whitbread, 24901 Leyland Beaver platform lorry with trailer and transportable tanks Guinness, 97366 Atkinson 8-wheel Rigid with trailer and load Tennant all in ovb (10)

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