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October 2016 Antiques and Collectables at 10.30am Sale

COLLECTION OF BRITISH BUTTERFLIES AND OTHER INSECTS - Specimens presented in distinctive method of pasting original data labels to card mounts, rendering the data label clearly visible - the labelled specimen is then signed verso. All specimens forthe most part displayed in glazed Entomological Cases and where appropriate issued with handwritten, descriptive catalogue with licensing details: DAVID L. KENINGALE (LEPIDOPTERIST) WILDLIFE LICENCE TAXIDERMY SALES (Butterflies) Ref: CZ07/2015/0003 THE CHALK-HILL BLUE (L. Coridon) 1930s-40s collection formed by R.M. and J.C.B. Craske presented in a six-drawer WATKINS & DONCASTER BUTTERFLY CABINET, constructed in polished stained deal, with lifting glazed frames and twin knobs, drawer size 32cm x 20cm x 5cm; Drawer 1 - Specimens ex. HERTS/ROYSTON Drawer 2 - Specimens ex. Shoreham, Sussex Drawer 3 - Specimens ex. BEDFORDSHIRE Drawer 4 - Specimens ex. SUSSEX Drawer 5 - Specimens ex. CHILTERNS Drawer 6 - Specimens ex. N. WILTS/SWANAGE One hundred and eight-four specimens - systematically arranged and issued with hand-written catalogue

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