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Lot 294

Auctioneers Estimate 40-60
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A COLLECTION OF FIVE BRITISH LISTED BUTTERFLIES, depicting extreme aberration. Male. Camberwell Beauty (N.antiopa) ab.hygeia. Bred ex.larvae, Cote DOr France, M. Harvey, July 1979. Painted Lady, ab.varina, Bred ex.pupae, Lincolnshire, J.H. Payne,8.1979. Red Admiral (vanessa atlanta) ab.Klemensiewiczi. Bred ex.pupae, J.H. Payne, 1979. Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) ab.conjuncta. Queen of Spain Fritillary (A. lathonia) extreme aberration nova. Tingewick, Bucks. X.09. K. Bailey. Presented in cedar wood box, labelled Collectanea Entomologica

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