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Lot 374

Auctioneers Estimate 400-500
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BRITISH MOTH COLLECTION (WL Licence CL07/2015/0003) Comprising a six drawer Insect Cabinet, constructed in polished stained deal with twin button knobs and lifting glazed frames and camphor cell to each drawer. Re-lined with plastozote. Specimens in good condition, carded with full data, scientific names, English names and classification, reference numbered according to Moths of The British Isles by Bernard Skinner. DRAWER ONE:- Sword Grass, Red Sword Grass, Chamomile Shark, The Shark, Mullein DRAWER TWO:- Striped Lychnis, Starwort, The Blackneck, Scarce Blackneck, Rosy Marshmoth, Marveille du Jour, Scarce Marveille du Jour, The Miller. DRAWER THREE:- Gold Spot, Lempkes Goldspot, Dewicks Plusia, Scarce Burnished Brass, Golden Plusia,Gold Spangle, The Herald, Mother Shipton, Scarce Bordered Straw, Bordered, Marbled Clover, Burnet Companion DRAWER FOUR:- Silver-Y, Scarce Silver-Y, Plain Golden-Y, Beautiful Golden-Y, Feathered Gothic, Confused, Dusky Brocade, Dark Brocade, Broom Brocade, Antler, Northern Dart. DRAWER FIVE:-Orange Moth, The Magpie, Clouded Magpie, Swallow-tailed Moth DRAWER SIX:-Small Lappet, Transparent Burnet, Narrow Bordered Five Spot Burnet, Five Spot Burnet, Scotch Burnet, (ssp.Caledonensis), Cistus Forester, Small Emerald, Large Emerald, Grass Emerald, Blotched Emerald, Essex Emerald, Green Silver Lines, Scarce Silver Lines, (cream Bordered Green Pea), Early Thorn, Vestal, Belted Beauty TAPED CARD GLAZED DISPLAY CASE:-Clouded Silver, Birch Mocha, Lead Belle, The Festoon, Small Yellow Underwing, Silver Bars, Little Emerald, Green Carpet, Broken-Barred Carpet, Beautiful Yellow Underwing (case 20 x 15cm) HARDWOOD DISPLAY CASE, (Manufactured Watkins & Doncaster):- Goat Moth, Ghost Moth, Reed Leopard, Black Arches, Orange Underwing, Light Orange Underwing, The Vapourer, Scarce Vapourer, Marbled Green, Mottled Umber, Scarce Umber, Barred Red, ab.nigra (case 35.5 x 25.5cm) WOODEN ENTOMOLOGICAL STOREBOX:- With collection of Lappet and Eggar Moths

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